More Snow Stuff

We are excited about the space we created with the trees we took out and we’re looking forward to turning all the stumpy space into useful space. In the meantime, we’re enjoying playing on the stumps (although Rhythm didn’t seem to like being left on the ground).

The chickens really didn’t like the snow and refused to leave their house until it melted. I guess they were bored enough try playing the chicken version of “how many clowns can fit in the VW?”

We went up to Shenandoah to try to replicate the trip from last year. It wasn’t very similar at all and I suppose we should have known – we didn’t get nearly as much snow this year as we did in that one storm. So, while the road was (disappointingly) clear, we walked a little ways up the trail to Hightop. We saw a huge tree (Tony and I together couldn’t wrap our arms around it). It was a pretty hike, but it honestly wasn’t the most dramatic hike we’ve ever done. We had a good time and Rhythm was tired when we were done, so we were content.

As always, there are more pictures.


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