Garden Discoveries

As I have started to prepare the garden space we have for spring plants, I have found more plants than I expected made it through the winter. Between the chickens devouring everything they could get to and winter temperatures getting down below 0ºF, I didn’t expect to find anything. As it turns out, a handful of plants made it through.

First, there was one red mustard plant that made it. I didn’t like where it was, so I potted it up and moved it somewhere else. It didn’t much like being moved, but I think it’s getting over it.

I also found a carrot that made it through. Though the root is no longer edible, the plant produced some nice flowers last year that the bugs enjoyed, so I figure I’ll let it grow up this year. Another one of those not-the-best-location things, but I’m not inclined to move that one.

I also found a handful of spinach plants. They’re much bigger already than the ones I started inside, so I guess that’s personal experience with why people try to get plants to winter-over.

So, that’s the exciting garden news. Lots of plants have been started, but mostly I’m waiting for them to get big enough to put outside. I think I put the kale out a little too soon and it’s struggling to acclimate. Oops. What can I say other than “I’m impatient”?

Other pictures are here.


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