New Rhythm Photo

I haven’t felt like saying much lately, so I’ll just share a picture and let you tell your own stories about it.


Surprise on a Rhythm Walk

I haven’t been going on walks with Tony and Rhythm lately because I have so much other stuff to do. Tony found this dragonfly by nearly grabbing it. When we go walking in the woods, we like to grab dead sticks that are still attached to trees and break them off. That’s what he thought this was (out of the corner of his eye), but for some reason, he turned to look directly at it and discovered it was alive.

Backhoe Lessons

Someone is proud of himself! Actually, we’ve both spent some time learning to use the backhoe to pull the stumps that were left when the trees were cut. It’s really satisfying when a stump you’ve been working on finally comes loose. This stump was one of the easy ones, but Dad tutored Tony into pulling what Dad claims was the toughest stump in the yard. I have to say, it’s been a lot of fun playing on the backhoe…especially since the playing is productive.


Jean and Mom brought Alexus and Andrew to visit Virginia and I got to keep them all for most of the two weeks they were here! They were here for the good times (that’s a marshmallow on a stick, in case that’s not clear).
And the work.
Unfortunately, they weren’t here for the produce. Plants started really producing about a week after they left. Too bad they didn’t time their visit better! They were here for these treasures though.