Steam Train

Dad and I rode down to Farmville yesterday to see the 611. Well, we planned to see it in Farmville, but we were later than we planned, so we rode down to Burkeville. I wasn’t sure how we were going to find it since we didn’t (at least, I didn’t) have a clue where we were going. Dad turned down a road, though, and we looked to the right and saw a small crowd of people at a railroad crossing, so we figured we must be in the right place.
It took quite a while for the train to actually show up. I overheard some people talking about it and they said that Saturday, the train had gotten stuck because of a fallen tree, but nobody seemed to have any idea why it was behind yesterday. When it finally did show up, it was amazing. The rumbling was awesome and someone said that the train was only supposed to be going 10 mph through that part of the track. I only wish the engine had stayed longer – the cars weren’t nearly as interesting.
May/June pictures



I started a lot of tomatoes this year. My intent was to can more tomatoes than last year so that we have enough for the whole year, instead of making it to December and running out. The hard part has been finding a place to plant them (and this isn’t even all of them!).
I’m really excited about the plants that are getting ready to produce. It seemed like the squash got going really quickly this year.
These tomatoes are plants that seeded themselves in the bottom of my compost heap. When I moved the heap, a whole community of plants started growing. I thought it was amusing to just leave them to grow and it looks like they are going to have fruit before the rest of my plants
Strawberry jam! I went picking with the lady I worked for last year and Tony helped me make jam. I should’ve listened to him when he said to add more sugar. I was going for something less sweet and more flavorful than what you get at the grocery store. But I think I went a little too far on the less sugar side.
More May/June pictures