Steam Train

Dad and I rode down to Farmville yesterday to see the 611. Well, we planned to see it in Farmville, but we were later than we planned, so we rode down to Burkeville. I wasn’t sure how we were going to find it since we didn’t (at least, I didn’t) have a clue where we were going. Dad turned down a road, though, and we looked to the right and saw a small crowd of people at a railroad crossing, so we figured we must be in the right place.
It took quite a while for the train to actually show up. I overheard some people talking about it and they said that Saturday, the train had gotten stuck because of a fallen tree, but nobody seemed to have any idea why it was behind yesterday. When it finally did show up, it was amazing. The rumbling was awesome and someone said that the train was only supposed to be going 10 mph through that part of the track. I only wish the engine had stayed longer – the cars weren’t nearly as interesting.
May/June pictures


2 thoughts on “Steam Train

  1. Great photos! I rode behind that one a few times and have a few old pictures of it. I miss the steam excursions.

    1. I thought about how much fun it would be to ride behind the train and it seems to me like you really miss out on the experience by riding in the cars. I thought working on/near the engine would be awesome, but sitting way back in the cars would be less of an experience.

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