Meet Whiskey!

I’ve finally gotten my own puppy! His name is Whiskey Row, but we call him Whiskey. He’s super smart and we’re really glad we have Rhythm to help entertain him. She seems to love him, though she’s a little disappointed he can’t handle all of her games yet.

Ignore my dorky face – I don’t do selfies much. But that face Rhythm is wearing is pretty accurate – excitement! His face is pretty good too – pretty calm, but very alert.

He’s done really well so far (we’ve had him since Saturday). We’ve had better success house training him; Rhythm does a great job wearing him out, so we don’t have to try to figure out how to distract him from getting into stuff we don’t really want him into; he handled the drive a lot better than Rhythm did. If I had to complain about something, he seems to bother/bark at the cats more than Rhythm ever did.

July/August pictures