More Chickens

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an ad for chickens that got me kind of excited. It was six chickens (five pullets and a grown hen; five hens and a cockerel) and they are more color than I had in my tiny flock and I’m counting on the pullets laying in a couple of months. Finally more than an egg every other day (not sure what the deal is, but it’s an improvement since I moved them to a new house)!
Anyway, the point. More chickens, more variety, more eggs in the future (hopefully). They moved in with the old flock pretty easily, but I wouldn’t say they’re integrated. The new flock kind of does its own thing while the old flock does its thing. They aren’t attacking each other though, so I’m ok with that. The new flock seems to be better grazers, but the old flock is less skittish. Overall, I’ve been pretty happy so far. And the dogs are doing pretty well not pestering them too much