Growing Puppies

I’m behind on puppy updates again. Rhythm is almost 11 months and Whiskey is almost 4 months. He’s over halfway through his first puppy class and is signed up for the second in the series. He’s doing really well with the commands that I understand. The ones that make less sense to me are a struggle for both of us (sorry, Whiskey!).
We’ve gone lots of places with both dogs. Eating out with the dogs can be a challenge (after a long hike when they haven’t had dinner, for example) or it can be really nice (most of the time). They’re both still learning good leash behavior and other people (with or without dogs) don’t always help. Of course, the last lesson from the class was that he shouldn’t be allowed to do that fun greeting thing if he’s not paying attention to me. Something for us both to work on. All things considered, they’re well-behaved. I’m really excited about the dogs they’ll grow into.

While I’m on the subject of the future, when I was in the pet store the other day, there was a girl with a variety of dog I didn’t recognize. Hers and mine said hello and she said, “Are you going to introduce him to livestock.” I told her that I’m hoping to get goats and cattle in the future, but nothing yet. She mentioned a herding trial being held not far from us in October and said she’d send me information. So, for anyone who’s interested, there’s a herding trial near Gordonsville October 9-11. Just to be clear, we aren’t participating, but observing.


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