Whiskey and Chicken News

Whiskey’s finished his first puppy class (yay!) and he did really well. He was so easy and I appreciated that. We went in and once he greeted all of his puppy friends, he settled down and spent a lot of time being quiet and nearly asleep. Though when he was supposed to get up and do stuff, he was usually pretty good about cooperating. I think I said all or most of this not too long ago.
One thing that he’s been getting better at is walking on a leash. Usually, when we walk in our woods, we don’t bother to leash the dogs because they are so responsive when we call. When we go out, however, we can’t really leave them off-leash. Whiskey has not been super excited about the idea, but he’s learned that if he cooperates, things are way more fun. If you look carefully at his left side, you can see the leash dangling. Yay! Don’t tell Whiskey, but puppy class part two starts next week.

The other exciting news is that we were given some chain link fence panels. On Sunday afternoon, I assembled them so that the chickens to have a place to get outside when I don’t want to let them into the whole yard. After a few predator encounters, I’m not keen to leave them out to fend entirely for themselves when we aren’t around, but I feel bad leaving them in their house all day. There are also times I don’t want them to get into gardens I haven’t yet fenced. Now they have a place to be outside, but contained, which is nice.


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