Chicken Friends & Deaths

This post was supposed to be a celebration of how far the dogs have come in learning to leave the chickens alone. I was super excited because this pullet/hen not only ate from my hand, but approached the dogs (as long as they were calm and there was something she was interested in). She even walked under Whiskey’s belly and he left her alone. I was super excited about that.

But, Monday night, I walked into the coop to find her lying on the floor, dead. There was nothing that indicated she’d been attacked by an animal. The chickens have seemed to be really healthy and she was cheerful the previous days. So, anyone who knows anything about mystery chicken deaths (especially chickens who haven’t even had their first birthday), I’m happy to hear your theories. I’ve already disposed of the body, so at this point, it’s just speculation.

Anyway, on to happier topics, the dogs have been getting along pretty well without Tony to help attention them. Walks at the beginning of the week were tricky (keeping an eye on two puppies takes some getting used to), but Rhythm was really well off-leash and Whiskey has been learning about walking on-leash. A few days ago, I had Whiskey on-leash. Rhythm has started heeling herself periodically (not really sure what that’s about, but it’s kind of nice when you’re walking alone). Anyway, I had Whiskey on the leash on my right and Rhythm sidled up to walk on my left. It’s basically impossible to photograph, so even though they’re sitting, this is basically what I had for walking.

September/October album


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