Various Updates

Look who came to visit! Unfortunately, it didn’t stay long enough for me to get a real camera, so the phone picture will have to do. I only saw it because a helicopter was going over (I still run to look if it sounds like something more than a medical helicopter).

In other news, our new chickens seem to have fully integrated into the original flock. Somehow, we ended up with two new roosters, so I guess we’ll be having pot pie in the spring (I want to keep him through the winter to keep the chicken house warmer). The three roosters seem to get along pretty well, even though we only have five hens. We’re working on improving that ratio, but quarantine takes time. Also, please ignore the huge mess I still have to clean up. This clearing thing takes a lot of time…

And last, but not least, dog pictures. The one of Whiskey was fun. I was waiting to leave Dad’s and we decided it’d be fun to play chase. He’s obviously faster than I am, so I thought, “Can I get any kind of head start if I toss my sweatshirt over his head?” The answer is not really (once he followed me with his eyes covered…I don’t think I have that much faith in anyone), but he was super cute carrying it around as he followed me and he seemed to think it was a fun game.