More Chicken Additions and Thanksgiving Chaos

A while back, we got a handful more chickens (since we made the coop bigger, we need more bodies to help keep it warm over the winter). I found a listing on Craigslist for some Americaunas and when the guy said he’d be at the chicken swap at Tractor Supply, we figured there wasn’t any harm in going to look. We picked up six while we were there. So far, I’m really unimpressed. They are really attractive birds, but they don’t seem to have much between their eyes. After quarantine (where they spent their entire day in the little house we built originally), we moved them to the coop with the rest of the birds, who picked on them, as chickens do. But even once we were letting them out, it took several days for them to venture out of the coop. Now that they go out, there seems to be at least one that has trouble going back in. I’m really tired of crawling under the shed/coop to get the hen(s) that think that’s a better place to sleep than inside.
Thanksgiving was chaotic, as usual. Jean was here for a few days, which was great. We had Droppa Thanksgiving on Saturday. We took the dogs and they did really well considering their ages. Cortez Thanksgiving was on Sunday and we left the dogs at home so they could recover from the excitement.
November/December pictures