Wiring the Chicken House

Dad and I have been working to put electric to the chicken house. At the beginning of the month, we rented a trencher and laid conduit for the wires. The trencher was a lot of fun to watch. It pulled the dirt up to the auger, which moved it out of the way. Most of the time, the stuff that was pulled out of the trench was very calm and went nicely where it was supposed to go. A few times, we hit rocks and bits (of the rock, not the trencher) went flying. It didn’t take too long to get the trench dug (digging, washing, and driving took just about three hours) and then we laid the conduit. Since then, we’ve been working in the shed to put in various electrical parts. I’m looking forward to having lights and a place to plug in the water heater. I’m really excited about the power and thankful for Dad’s help.

January/February 2016