Gorgeous George (from Snatch). Or Georgie Porgie. It just depends on whose version of the name you want to use.
George is Alan’s successor. Isn’t he pretty? I wasn’t convinced he was the rooster of the two we acquired that I wanted to keep. He always gave me sideways looks when I shut the door at night (the new birds seem to adopt the shelf over the door when they move into the big house…the Ameraucanas did it too). Tony was sure he would come around and that he would do a good job keeping an eye on the hens. Pot Pie (the other rooster) was never quite right and died in the early winter, so the choice was made for us. George has turned into a very nice bird, so I’m not too upset (it would have been nice if we could have eaten Pot Pie). At any rate, George has turned into a very nice bird and is learning to come when I call. He seems to be a good addition to the flock.

The really nice thing is the two roosters don’t seem to have territory issues. Maybe George is still young enough to not be much of a threat? Maybe the area they range in is big enough for them to share? Maybe sharing 10 hens between the two of them is sufficient to keep them content? I don’t really know why they’re getting along so well, but I’m really happy about it.

Bonus picture of Whiskey “helping” me paint the other day (I learned that if I turn the camera to the front side of my phone, he’s much more cooperative).

January/February pictures


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