Wildlife Camera

We got a game camera last year because there was some weird stuff happening. We didn’t actually get it set up then, so it sat in the closet and collected dust. I felt kind of bad about having gotten it and not used it, but things have come up lately that have made me feel better about the acquisition.

A few weeks ago, one of our neighbors called and said, “Are your chickens out?” I said that they were and she said, “We just had a raccoon try to steal one of ours and he’s heading your way.” Obviously, that was motivation for me to drop what I was doing (drying Whiskey after rinsing the mud off his feet) and go collect my chickens. Fortunately, the chickens come when I call (even the Ameraucanas are learning), so they went to their house when I yelled for them. I figured that was as good a time as any to set up the game camera.

We haven’t seen the raccoon, but we did see some other interesting things. Like puppies:

A rat/mouse:

And chickens:

Last I heard, there’s no news on the raccoon, but we’re keeping an eye out. Especially since the neighbors suspect it may not be entirely healthy.

January/February pictures


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