Power, Power Everywhere

Learning my new job has taken a lot of my brain and things have been pretty quiet around here lately. I’m still working on getting pigs and hope to do that by the end of the month. New photography subjects to wear out!

But really, it’s been kind of nice that the last couple of weeks has been finishing projects instead of trying to figure out when I’m going to ever get things done. First, we finished wiring the shed (there is light!).

Then, Dad helped me finish wiring the marker lights on the fender wells of the trailer, so once I find some bolts for the license plate (I’m not sure what I did with them), it should be road-worthy. Yay!

I had to replace the doors on the shed because a mouse (I think) was chewing through to find a place to hide. I replaced them very slowly: a sheet of T1-11 with a frame on the destroyed side; then bracing to keep the door from twisting when I opened it; then the other door (just the frame and T1-11 again…not even the latch, just a block to hold the door shut); then the latch; and, finally, last week, the bracing on the second door. I never would’ve though it would take that long to get the doors replaced! And honestly, I don’t love the bracing…I cut the angles all wrong. I don’t want to go buy more materials to make it actually right, so it stays the way it is. Most people may not notice, but having done the work, I know where to find the mess, so it’ll bug me for a while. But it works, and honestly, that’s what matters to me right now.

Now, I just have to get the pig housing/fencing situation straightened out and I’ll feel like I’m not quite so far behind anymore!


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