Monday, I went to pick up our pigs.

Trailer’s all hooked up and ready to go. Actually, we were supposed to go get the pigs on Friday, but the electric fence wasn’t working like it was supposed to, so we asked the people we got them from if we could postpone the acquisition and they were quite nice about letting us wait. So we thought we got the fence fixed and Dad and I went up to get the pigs. It took longer than I expected (and hoped), so I got the pigs home after dark. We weren’t sure how we were going to get the pigs into their pen (the gate wasn’t exactly well placed…shame on me), so I fed and watered them in the trailer and left them overnight.

Sleeping on things is a good way for me to figure out how to deal with things. This morning I woke up and realized that the dog crates would be a decent way to get the pigs from the trailer to the pen. After all, that’s what was used to get the pigs from the pen they were living in into the trailer. So, I got Tony to help me by holding the door of the crate open and the crate in the doorway of the trailer (since there’s no way to latch the door from the inside). They weren’t exactly cooperative, but they’re still small enough to manhandle. So, I held them around their ribs and directed them to the crate and we hauled them, one at a time, to the pen. It didn’t take them long to shove their noses in the dirt. They’re pretty funny animals – we’ve really enjoyed watching them so far. Crossing my fingers they don’t get out before the new charger comes!

March/April 2016

As a side note, Google’s move to kill Picasa and move everything to Google Photos doesn’t look like it’s going to work for me (Photos doesn’t like my browser settings for some reason and I don’t see much privacy control when I do get in). If you know of good photo hosting that works well with linking/embedding with blogs, let me know. I’ve looked at Flickr (Yahoo account? Really?), PhotoBucket (2GB limit? I have more than that already) and a few others. Hosting on WordPress has the same problem PhotoBucket does.


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