New Fence Charger

Last week, I thought I wrote about the fun we were having trying to get the fence powered. But I forgot to finish my story. We went up to get the pigs, thinking we’d gotten the fence hot. We put the pigs in their pen thinking we’d gotten the fence hot. Then, the pigs rubbed up against the fence and barely twitched. Now, I’m not looking to make them hurt, but I would like for them to respond with “I don’t want to mess with that!” instead of “Hey, what’s that making me twitch? If I stand here, maybe I’ll figure it out.” I really don’t want neighbors angry with me because my pigs rooted up their yard and not mine.

Fortunately, the new charger showed up before the pigs made an effort to escape and honestly, I’m not sure how interested they are in getting out. They don’t seem to have tested the fence and when I hooked the new one up (I love it so far…it’s really easy to use and seems to be really well thought out…I mean, they put a place for the t-post to slot up into the bottom of it!), the pigs noticed the lead hooked to the wire, thought about touching it, and seemed to think better of it. Of course, the pigs have food, water, a place to roll around in the mud and a place to poop. What else could they possibly want?


2 thoughts on “New Fence Charger

    1. They’ve run into it a couple of times, but they seem to be doing well with it. I’d like to move them, but the last time I tried, they ran in all directions (Jean has the story on her phone). So, sometime in the next week or so, I’m going to build an alley to move them from where they are to where I want them.

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