Growing Like Spring

The weather went from wet and cool to hot and sunny and now the plants are growing like crazy. The grass at work is up to my elbow and the goats and sheep can’t really keep up with it. The really nice thing is, there aren’t tons of ticks (yet?), so my childhood fantasy of playing in super tall grass is finally being realized.

The plants aren’t the only things growing fast. This chick is about two weeks old now. We tried putting it with Buffy (once at night and a couple of times during the day) and she still doesn’t want it. It’s kind of frustrating, but with as much time as Tony has been spending with it, it seems to think he’s the mother hen now. It follows Tony around when it can and cries when he leaves it. I’m really hoping that such a socialized bird is a girl, since we’re planning to eat all the boys.

The other babies have grown a lot too (they’re about four weeks, at this point). Buffy keeps them out of the house all day now and they’ve been foraging. They’re already doing all kinds of chickeny things like grabbing a tasty treat and running away so they don’t have to share.

The pigs got moved to the front woods to trample down the blueberries (we’ve been having a pretty big predator problem, so we’d like to be able to see into the woods). They seem to like the shade, but they don’t have a depression for me to dump their water into, so they’ve been bathing in their trough. Not ideal, but I suppose happy pigs are more important than my discontent at the frequency with which their water has to be replaced.


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