Pig Dinner for Chickens

Something I heard or read suggested that pigs and chickens wouldn’t get along because the pigs would try to eat the chickens. It’s not like the pigs have never tasted chicken (we also gave Buffy’s first reject to the pigs), but so far, they get along just fine. The pigs are currently penned near the chicken house and the chickens, who aren’t bothered by the electric fence, have realized that the pigs get good food (the chicken and pig food are basically the same, but the pigs get whey from work mixed in). Now, they invite themselves to help the pigs clean up. Buffy doesn’t understand why the pigs aren’t intimidated by her posturing like the dogs are, but they’ve even left the babies alone. Unfortunately, the pigs are useless when the fox comes around. The fox goes through the pig pen (where the dogs can’t get to it) and has managed to steal one baby so far. I’m about to move the fence back a little though, so hopefully, the chickens won’t go so deep in the woods and the dogs will help protect them more.


2 thoughts on “Pig Dinner for Chickens

  1. It would be funny to catch one of the chickens on the pig’s back like the birds do in Florida with the cows.

  2. That’d be pretty cool, but with the chickens not seeing any advantage to getting up there, I don’t anticipate having the opportunity.

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