Birthday at Lake Anna

Last week, we took Dad to the lake for his birthday (we tried the week of, but we didn’t make a reservation and when we got there, they were all out of boats). We offered him jet skis or a pontoon boat and he said he wanted to get a pontoon boat and bring the dogs. I found one place that allows you to bring pets. The dogs had a really good time. It took Whiskey a little while to get warmed up to the idea, but he ended up having fun. We stopped at a little cove to see if Whiskey is able to swim (to minimize the suspense, yes, he can). The water was clear and really  warm, so it wasn’t too creepy to get in the water and call the dogs. They were really good about coming when we called them, even when they weren’t too sure if they wanted to. It was kind of fun that they would come then turn back to shore and bound around a little and come when we called again. It wasn’t too stressful for them and it was fun to watch. They weren’t too sure about getting back on the boat, but that was ok…it was pretty high off the ground/water. And they were flat out in the back of the car on the way home. Must’ve been a good day….


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