Escapee Pigs

No pictures this week. Want to know why? I was spending too much time cursing at the water (pigs) running out of the sieve (fence).

Monday, I had a list of things around the farm I needed to take care of. But, it doesn’t take much time to adjust the pig fence a little, right? That other stuff can wait 15 minutes or an hour, right? Yeah. “I’ll just move this little piece right here” turned into “oh, that’s a pooping spot…might as well fence that out too” turned into “oh, what the heck, I’ll just move the whole fence.” I think it was actually two fence moves back to back and that’s just not a good idea.

I’ve gotten pretty decent at moving fences if I do it in the right order (build new fence, move pigs, move water). But things weren’t normal on Monday. Moving the fence as much as I did was a whim (read, “not well-planned”) and it was really hot. I didn’t have water for myself and the pigs got fenced out of their water (like I said, it was more like two moves), so it was a question of who got water first. The fence I was trying to string was getting all tangled and it was taking a long time set up, so once I got the middle strand strung (we use three strands of electric), I figured they’d be okay since they seemed to be desperate for the water. That would give me a chance to get some water and cool off a little.

I was WRONG. I was sitting on the porch, trying to catch my wind and Kevin Bacon walked around the corner of the house. Well, crap. So, I got a bribe (pig food) and walked him back to the fence. No big deal. I started stringing more fence and looked up and…where did the pigs go? I sighed, went to the shed for more pig food, put them back in (I think at that point, Tony had come outside to help), and went back to fencing. One or the other (or both) were spending so much time getting out that I didn’t have time to fix the fence to keep them in. The old fence was being deconstructed for the new fence, so I didn’t have a great place to put them. Needless to say, I was no longer calm. I finally had to ask Tony to help me keep the pigs in while I finished the fence. I was starting to really worry about them going to the neighbors and digging up their grass or a bush or something.

We thought about not having someone guard the fence once I got all three strands up, but they were testing it even then, so he was nice enough to stay until I got the fence cleared of grass and blueberry bushes and could turn the charger on. I have never been so glad to hear a pig squeal and I am relieved to report that they seem to be contained.



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