Peaches and ATVs

Whiskey isn’t great at going to work with me, so we’ve stuck to Sundays (the quieter day) so he can learn to behave before we try adding more people and dogs to the mix. This past Sunday, I was the only one at work because the other person who usually works Sundays was out. So I had all the outside chores and regular milking chores to do. The fields are so spread out that they have an ATV to get to the various animals and I thought I was going to have to leave Whiskey at the barn and go alone to do all the feeding and watering and checking. But he surprised me and ran with me. I’m not sure why he decided the ATV was ok, but I’m really glad he did. We had a good time running all over the farm and he was worn out Sunday night.

 photo 5C56AB04-B962-4158-8E00-E8968334D128_zpsjvcskznc.jpg
In other news, I picked up a bushel of peaches last week. It’s toward the end of the season and I got a surprising (disappointing) number of unripe peaches in my boxes. The ripe peaches were made into jam and peach butter. I wanted to freeze some, but the ones that are left aren’t actually that good, so I’m probably won’t. It just seems like such a waste to give some many good-looking peaches to the pigs. Even if they don’t taste good.

 photo AD6B0D14-57F3-4148-955C-3D14DBE0A622_zpscfehhzrr.jpg
In pig news, we have just over a month left with the pigs before they get turned into bacon (and ham and roast and…). It’s nice to have a target departure date so I can plan fences between not and then. I know I want them in the circle when I’m ready to take them so loading and leaving is easy, so they’re making their way up there now.


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