Week of Chaos

This week has been chaotic, so the blog post is late today. Sorry.

At the end of last week, one of Dad’s friends offered to loan us a backhoe for about a week. We weren’t going to say no to that, so we’ve been pushing hard to get as much done as possible with that before it had to go back. We’ve got the front cleaned up and ready to be seeded. We also got a lot done in the back. I’d guess we have about 1/3 of the back completely de-stumped, de-debrised, and mostly smoothed out.

Other good news from this week is that I found a great deal on a chain drag harrow (Google is your friend, or you can see it hooked to the truck in the video I linked in the next paragraph)…the only catch was that I had to untangle it. That turned out to be only an hour long project and I had a completely functional harrow. Anyway, once the ground had been cleared of stumps and the biggest dips in the ground smoothed out with the backhoe, I tried out the harrow. It did a great job of collecting all the little blueberry roots and crappy little tree roots that were left. I’m really happy with how well it’s working.

It’s really, really dry though. It made moving the stumps Tony got out pretty unpleasant. Especially since I kept forgetting to wear a bandana or something to keep from breathing it. I’m linking to a video, since it looks like it won’t play directly on the blog.

 photo D7E99825-7BA9-43FE-9C6D-64969979D17A_zpsmhi078su.jpg
In work-related news, there’s a new goat! She’s an Alpine and she’s super personable. The goats they had (Oberhaslis) are pretty personable (they like to walk out to the pasture with you, while the sheep are content to follow behind). But the Alpine followed me when I left the pasture to round up the sheep that missed the turn. Another point in her favor is that she’s more colorful (prettier) than the Oberhaslis. On the negative side, she’s super jumpy, which makes her not a favorite for milking. From what they said at work though, she’s settling in really quickly, so even that shouldn’t be an issue for long. I think she is my favorite.


2 thoughts on “Week of Chaos

  1. There are no other videos (yet). You can see the harrow about halfway through when the dogs run on the other side of the truck. And the video was just intended to show how dry it is.

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