Barbershop Convention

 photo C59E1B16-6044-4E5F-B10C-5B90FF45992A_zps9gfsfvjs.jpg
This past weekend, we went to Pennsylvania for the fall district convention for the Mid-Atlantic District of the Barbershop Harmony Society. We planned to get there Friday for the quartet semi-final, but we were slower than we meant to be (traffic was pretty heavy…we should’ve thought of that). While I enjoyed the convention, I have to say the food was the highlight of the trip for me.

One of the guys at work has a huge collection of places he knows about and he has friends in a lot of places. I mentioned that we were going to be in Lancaster and asked for recommendations. Friday night, we went to Horse Inn for dinner Friday night on his recommendation. Since it was less than a mile from our hotel, we walked (we were glad for that when we were so full after dinner). Saturday breakfast was Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie, which we found on our own. That was so good we went back on Sunday morning too. Saturday for lunch, we had Flora Flora’s, again on my work friend’s recommendation. After three huge meals (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, and Saturday lunch), we went to bed on Saturday without dinner and didn’t really miss it. And having that extra room meant we could enjoy Rachel’s when we went back on Sunday morning.

Tony would be the better person to talk about the barbershop competition because he knows so much more about music than I do. The short version is that I generally liked the quartets better than the choruses, though in both categories, there were groups that I liked and groups that I disliked.

On the way home, we stopped to get apples (honeycrisps are our favorite and they’re supposed to grow better up north (the ones I saw at Carter Mountain didn’t look great). The orchard we stopped at had seconds for a really good price and since we didn’t mind picking out a few bruises or bug spots, we picked up a bunch and we’ve been working on putting them in cans (jelly, mostly, but we’re going to try to can some pie filling and possibly some straight apples). Dried apples are on the list of things to do before the apples are gone too.


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