Bye, Bye Pigs

To the tune of Bye Bye Love:
Bye, bye pigs
Bye, bye composters
Hello, pork goodness
I think this will be awesome

Monday, we took the pigs to the slaughterhouse to be processed on Tuesday. It’s strange to not have the sounds of either the pigs or the chickens anymore. It’s nice to have a short break from chores, but we are already making plans for replacements (chickens in a couple of weeks, pigs in early spring) and additions (goats next year?). The pigs loaded very nicely. I had them in a paddock near the trailer so they could get used to it before I tried to load them. I opened the fence a couple of weeks ago and in less than five minutes, they destroyed a reflector and started chewing on the wires at the front. Fortunately, when I tried to load them Sunday night, they went straight in for their dinner. Monday morning, they again went nicely into the trailer. I was really relieved that that wasn’t a problem. Actually, getting the pigs to their destination was really straightforward. Even backing the trailer up to the drop-off was easy. Honestly, the worst part of the whole deal was driving on the interstate with impatient people and a trailer loaded down with pigs.

 photo 3859036B-6A5B-442A-BED4-CE029655FBA6_zpsmjo03qrd.jpg


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