Second Attempt at Flock Creation

Happy Thanksgiving!

 photo 6B77E704-346D-47D9-A525-118F84BE8F52_zps0ioax55e.jpg
I still haven’t finished redoing the chicken house. I’ve made a lot of progress and I’m really excited about the changes we’ve made. You can see in this picture that the house is all set up for the chicks and I got the spot for my fencing supplies done. They’re on top of the nest boxes (the ones that need a door). I’m thinking of doing a sliding door, but I need to figure out how to set it up.

 photo 6860DC2A-B0FC-4502-B3B8-056A8E43EAB5_zpsvewrtrlb.jpg
One thing that has been kind of distracting is that we installed one of the windows from the house Dad has been working on. The house has always been darker than I would have liked, but with such short walls, it’s kind of hard to do anything about it. But this window, from a bathroom, looked like it would fit really well. It was great for height, but it was a little too wide for the studs, so Tony took the stud out and cut a hole in the wall and we nailed the window in. It’s amazing how much light that little window on the south side of the building lets in, but it’s really nice. I hope to have it covered with some hardware cloth by the summer so we can leave it open for more circulation in the summer.

 photo 2027420A-272D-4E88-9FC5-96FF7CA63A27_zpsfm6hr0y8.jpg
The babies arrived a little over a week ago and they are super cute. We got three black copper Marans (one rooster), two blue splash Marans, two buff Orpingtons (more Buffys!), two Rhode Island reds, two Australorps, two barred Plymouth rocks, and two silver laced Wyandottes. Our choices were pretty limited (I would’ve liked a golden laced Wyandotte or a double laced Barnevelder or a Welsummer), but I feel like we’re still going to have a pretty good mix of colors. We’re hoping that with the variety we’ve got, we can start finding a breed that works for us. I can’t deny that I’m excited about all the colors though.


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