Lion’s Mane?

Last week, we had company from Alaska. Jean and her kids arrived the Saturday after Thanksgiving and stayed until Monday. Mom arrived Monday and left Wednesday. Both visits felt really whirlwind, but we did get to share our woods with our visitors. We took the kids down to the creek a couple of times so they could play on the tire swing. On our way back to the house, we saw this. Our best guess is that this is a lion’s mane mushroom. In spite of the assurances on the internet that it’s unmistakable, I was still hesitant to try it without having someone who knows more about them being there. According to the website, it looks like this one was past its prime. I’m kind of hoping since we left them, there will be more next  year.

 photo 678EEE3B-0B91-42E6-B3A9-5E4091BEE8F4_zpsqadbh39y.jpg


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