Chick Update

The chicks are growing quickly. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of them in their awkward, half fuzz-half feathers stage. They were really ugly, in a funny-looking way.

When I built the nest boxes, I made frames and then tacked plywood to them. I miscalculated and built two more than I needed. Since the chicks are so little, I put one of them down in the chicken house for the babies to hop up on when they decided they were ready. There hasn’t really been a lot of interest in it yet, but I did catch this pair sunning themselves in front of the window.

 photo 453161A1-F493-4900-B40A-0D4CD40F5207_zpsfqscwnlc.jpg
Yesterday was really cold for us (about 15ºF last night), so I had both heat lamps turned on. When I went down to check on them this afternoon, they were sprawled out like it was the middle of summer. I turned the second lamp off, since the outside temperature isn’t really supposed to drop tonight. I think the toughest thing for me with the fall babies is to figure out how much heat they actually need and how much is just making them rely on the lamp instead of them generating their own heat. Around here, with a fully grown bird, they generally don’t need supplemental heat, but the babies are different. I suppose I need to move the lights up and see how they do.


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