How About the Right Parts?

We got a four-wheeler not too long ago. We were sharing it for hunting, but the people who were borrowing it kept getting stuck with a dead battery. We figured it was about time to replace the battery anyway. I did some looking online (without knowing what kind of battery we already had) and figured we probably had the wrong one. When the lady brought the new battery, it was pretty clear to me that, even if the battery were still in good condition, it wasn’t the right battery for the machine.

 photo IMG_4212_zpsirp7brvu.jpg
Then, I went to change the oil. I drained the oil out of the machine and went to put the plug back in. It’s not actually big enough to seal the hole…it slides in and out, rather than screwing in. I’m hoping that someone replaced the bolt with the wrong thing, rather than drilling the hole to be larger. We’ll see when the bolt comes in…

The chicks have gotten even bigger and have enjoyed having the window open on warm days. They’re down to one light, even on the really cold nights. They’re getting pretty big. The blue splash Marans are the friendliest/easiest to catch, which is kind of surprising to me, since the Australorps and the Orpingtons are supposed to be really friendly birds. They’re all a little less skittish when they think I have food, though, which is encouraging.


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