Christmas 2016

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We had Christmas here, which meant we didn’t have to travel. The dogs aren’t used to having lots of company and while they thought it was fun to have lots of people to fuss over them, Whiskey at least was ready to have his house back by the end of the night. He curled up on the couch and took a nap to recover from all the excitement. Rhythm was her usual ebullient self and handled the whole thing a little more gracefully. Not that they weren’t both really well-behaved, but she seemed not to mind the company as much.
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While Tony’s parents were here, he showed off his favorite chicks – the blue splash Marans. They really are friendly birds and practically beg to be handled. It’s kind of amazing. They’re all quite a bit less skittish than they were a couple of weeks ago. They all pick at the paint on my boots to see if it’s worth eating now, where they huddled at the other side of the shed not too long ago. The cockerel still is flighty, which is something we’re working on now.
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I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was having trouble figuring out how to wean the babies off their light. It looks like they might be doing it themselves. Admittedly, this was in the middle of the afternoon, but they seem to be spending less time huddled under the light and more time spread out around the chicken side of the shed. Usually, they’re nested up in some hay they scoop around themselves, but occasionally, they’ll hop up on one of the unused nest box frames (mentioned in the linked post) or even the nest boxes themselves. They haven’t really explored the roost bars yet, but they’re still pretty little, so there’s plenty of time.

Last week, I mentioned needing a new drain plug – turns out, the hole was stripped out. Dad came over and helped me make new threads for the oversized plug I bought, so that should be holding now. I haven’t had time to really check it out yet to see how it’s doing though.

As amazing as it to think about, next week will be 2017, so I’m posting the November/December 2016 album for your perusal. Happy new year!


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