Boldly Venturing Where…

 photo 7AA74CBA-6B97-4438-BCB8-F79F2D1084E7_zpsz4lpbl0v.jpgWell, maybe not no chicken has gone before, but Sunday was the first day the chicks made any effort to go outside. I’ve been leaving the door open (with their food outside), hoping they would decide to get some fresh air and they said that sitting in the door was plenty of fresh air, thank you! Tony said that was silly, so he picked up the larger of the two blue splash Marans (the chicks he’s adopted as “his”) and carried it around to the bottom of the stairs. When he put her on the ground, the rest of the chicks decided that, since she was outside, it must be safe and started poking more parts of themselves out of the house until there were several outside (I think I counted seven at one time).

They’re less timid about going out now – one of the buff Orpingtons managed to get herself under the shed somehow (I’m not sure how that happened, since the bottom of the shed is wrapped in deer fence). It is clear to me that I need to do some updating on that before letting them out again.


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