The Rooster Learns to Crow

George II (Tony’s name, I’m not convinced yet) is trying to crow already. The first several times, I thought he was “Hawk!”-ing, but it turns out, that’s not what he was doing. Have a laugh or two. You’ll have to go to Photobucket to watch the video, unfortunately (WordPress doesn’t let me embed video).

 photo 3BDC9C98-9204-4BA9-84FB-FDFFCE370997_zpsgsqtz7y1.jpg
(I’m not sure what the deal is with the picture…sorry) In other news, I’m speculating that we may have far more males that we had planned on. One of the Rhode Island reds looks like a male (to me), one of the buff Orpingtons looks like it might not be a hen, and one of the Wyandottes looks suspiciously male. We’re coming up on the time period when it’s supposed to be clear (and when we can get money back for the ones that turn out to not be female). Looks like we’ll have some more fresh chicken in our freezer. I thought I wrote about culling the chickens before the wedding last year, but I can’t find it.

In my search, I discovered that I never actually talked about building the doors for the nest boxes. The short version is that I put two pieces of plywood side-by-side in a track. I haven’t used it since the chickens aren’t laying yet, but it keeps the amount of space required for the nest boxes down and it seems like it will be pretty easy to use. We’ll see what actually happens. Even if it doesn’t work, obviously, it’s accessible from the chicken side of the shed. There’ll be a post about that next week.


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