Feeder & Nest Box Update

 photo 9F459349-76D7-4739-A1A0-C8469BE468E3_zpscbsfezzj.jpg
Last week, I said I’d tell you about the nest box doors and the new feeder.

The new feeder is harder to show in pictures because I forgot to take them the last time the chicks ran out of food. It’s really easy though: I have a Dremel with a “MultiPurpose-Cutting-Bit” (don’t ask why there are all the hyphens) that I used to cut a hole for some two inch pipe. I used a male and female adapter to screw the spouts onto the container. I glued a 60º street elbow onto that. Because of the shape of the container (I think), I have the back of the container sitting on a 2×2 to shift it forward just a little to make the feed come out better. It might’ve worked better with three inch pipe, but I don’t really know. I need to add some more spouts, but they aren’t throwing as much feed all over the house, so I’m happy.

 photo 386B7DAC-A394-43E1-AFD4-302F4E35EFFF_zps78ivpktf.jpg
For the nest boxes, since I already told you about them, I’ll just post the picture. There are two knobs on each door, if that helps.


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