The Guardian Remembers

I don’t remember if I wrote about it before, but when we had the last flock of chickens, Whiskey was quite alert to them and responded quickly if they sounded distressed. When the new flock started coming out of their house, they had the usual skirmishes and just like he had with the last flock, he ran down to see what the problem was. When he determined it wasn’t an external threat (fox or other predator), he left them to their little spats.

 photo 0F51F1AC-0E97-49EF-BF55-15FABCD72395_zpsy0fjxztu.jpg

The other thing that I’m glad he remembers is how to share. The lard that I made last year started molding (we kept it in the cabinet), so I took it to the chicken house as a supplement for when it gets colder. I’ve also been using it as a bribe to get the chicks out of their house. The dogs, of course, love the lard, but they haven’t bothered the chickens. I have to say that I’m really glad that the lessons from the last flock have carried over to this one.


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