Dayton: SunWatch

Like I mentioned yesterday, I tried to go to SunWatch on Friday, but they were closed. I mentioned it to Tony and we talked to the other guy that was with us and everyone was interested, so we stopped on our way home on Saturday.

To be honest, I was disappointed at how they downplayed the archeoastronomy. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but there were two blurbs about it on the museum displays (it was a small museum) and a few plaques out in the village. Part of the problem might have been that all of the plaques have QR codes, but not all of the codes work.

I was interested to see that there was one house that had been built and burned down (vandalized) shortly after its construction that was left to observe decomposition. The sign said the intent is to leave the debris until it is “someday […] excavated.” I’m surprised there isn’t already information on that sort of thing, but taking advantage of a bad situation like that is something that wouldn’t have occurred to me, but it made the display more engaging.

I think my disappointment with SunWatch was primarily in my expectations. Looking back through the pictures I took of the plaques, there’s a lot of interesting stuff. It just wasn’t hitting the topics I was most interested in learning about.


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