Dinner, Beer, and Whisky

This past weekend, we went to the Virginia Distillery Company for dinner (BBQ Exchange), beer (Three Notch’d Brewing), and whiskey (Virginia Distillery). I’ve been wanting to go down to check out the distillery for a while, but we’ve never made it down there before now.

I thought the setup of the night was pretty cool. We got there and the introduction was a little overwhelming (“here’s what you do and where you go and have a map”). Once we figured out that the plan for dinner was written on the map, it was a little more manageable.

We started in their visitor center with a drink and little appetizers. From there, the map showed that we were supposed to go to the museum for the main appetizers, so we did. The museum was small, but pretty informative and it was honestly nice that it wasn’t so large that I felt like I had to spend a day there just to look at all the information.

From the visitor center, we went down to the cask house. There, they had biscuits with caramelized onions and I’m not sure what else. They were Tony’s favorite, I think. The cask house was my favorite. I told Tony I wanted to live in there…it smelled like oak and some other things I can’t name. In there, they had their whisky neat. I don’t really know anything about drinking whisky, but it wasn’t terrible.

 photo IMG_4359_zpsgvqxlkze.jpg
It was interesting to hear them talk about importing their whiskey while they get their operation up and running. To give the imported whisky more of a local flavor while their home-distilled creation is ages, the imported whisky is finished in casks from area wineries before they label and sell it.

 photo 68E0B0B1-6C22-402B-8B71-CD5F8DAEAFBF_zpsuksp49uu.jpg
From the cask house, we walked over to their distillation building. Tony and I walked around and peered in containers before the official tour started. It wasn’t their full hour and a half tour of the whole thing, but a maybe 15 minute presentation with just the basics of how whisky is distilled. It was pretty cool that they had grain soaking in one of the tanks and the window was clear enough to see in.

 photo 5A3DDDDF-A481-47A7-BA1B-6CA626B136D9_zpszroo5d3h.jpg
After the distillation building, we went back up to the visitor center for little pork and beef tacos, which were up to BBQ Exchange’s standards (of course). After dinner was dessert of little pies, but the informative part of the night was over.  We learned a lot and Tony thinks he might want to take some of his out-of-town colleagues down when they’re in town next.


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