Phantom Snow and Other Whiny News

They talked it up. All this snow we were going to get after having had such a warm winter so far. Up to 8 inches! That was a week before. Just before the weekend, it was “maybe only 5 inches.” The night before, it was “2 to 5 inches, more accumulation not where you live.” I woke up ready for something. Anything. I wasn’t counting on the 5 or 8 inches. I’ve learned at this point. But I thought there’d be some accumulation. I was wrong.

 photo 9B4BE23C-3127-4B3C-B972-6120B0179021_zpskpizwgjo.jpg
I can’t say it wasn’t pretty to have the icy stuff on the trees with the sun shining through. But I thought after all the anticipation of the forecast, we’d be getting at least enough to pretend to cover the ground.

A couple of years ago, I insisted that we get a cart for our lawnmower to haul logs and stuff without destroying my truck (I put out two taillights by throwing logs into the bed). I wanted a dump bed (on the wagon) because I thought it would be convenient to be able to just upend the wagon and have everything come out. There were two problems with that idea. Upending the wagon doesn’t work all that well (it’s too long in the back and not high enough off the ground) and sometimes, it dumps when I’m trying to move it. The clip to hold the bed flat was flimsy when we got the wagon, but I put up with it for a while. The other day, I’d loaded up some brush and tried to haul it to our burn pit. The wagon decided (for whatever reason) that it didn’t need to do it’s job. I decided (for that reason) that it needed to not be a dump cart anymore, so I bolted it. We’ll see how it stays, but I suppose this is kind of a warning that unless the dump is clipped really well, the dump feature might be overrated.

 photo 9651F97E-698F-40FC-8DD4-542549289DEE_zpsi0sdjc02.jpg


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