Surround Speakers…Installed!

 photo 2C22B4DE-EEAF-4187-A5DB-BA6808E07E83_zpsoir1zcnp.jpg
We’ve lived in our current house for three years and we finally installed the surround speakers we moved from the other house. They’ve been sitting on the bookshelf (the movie shelf, really), waiting for us to get around to putting them up. I was surprised, after having put it off as long as we did, how smoothly the project went.

 photo C7D01F6E-2C83-48B9-9F9D-43BF9179ABBC_zpsli9c27o0.jpg
It didn’t take us long to decide that the best way to run the wire was through the attic. We got the ladder and opened the “door” to the attic. Whiskey thought about coming up to help, but decided he wasn’t ready to try climbing a ladder. The biggest kink, which wasn’t much of a problem, is that the air handler blocks the way to the side of the attic we needed to get to. There is a very small gap on the side that I can inchworm through (if I try to do a taller crawl, I get stuck). Once I got over, we quickly figured out where to pull up the insulation to push the wire through and got everything put together in a couple of hours, at the most.

I’m switching the schedule for the blog because of my work schedule this year. I have Mondays and Wednesdays off, so I’m hoping that once things settle in, that will be a better fit.


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