The Rooster Needs a Name

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Hey, look, an extra post. This one is asking for you to contribute. Our rooster needs a name and you’ll get the whole story, as well as the chance to help us pick a final name.

Our last young Rooster was George (his story is here). We’ve been enjoying Hamilton, which isn’t for everyone (Mom) and so the names we’re considering were inspired by the musical.

Adams is a reference to I Know Him, when King George is talking about the leader being frequently replaced. The intent is to replace the roosters periodically, so it seemed fitting.

Rex is a longer story. George was the name of our last rooster and George is also the name of the king from the Revolutionary War (although he was the third). Somehow, we came around to Leroy being a corruption of le roi (I’m not sure if “king” is supposed to be capitalized in French without a name, so I’m going with not). Tony said something about “le roi” probably being a corruption of “king” in Latin. I pointed out that in Latin, it’s “rex” and so we came to Rex as another option.

So your choices are as follows:

  • Adams
  • Rex
  • something from your imagination, if you’ve got something you think is even better

I think the way I’m going to do this is to suggest that you either comment on the blog or send me an e-mail if you have it. I’d like him to have an official name by the end of the day on April 16, so any suggestions or votes after that won’t be considered.


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