Spring Skies

 photo IMG_0749_zpsbj5xbtol.jpg
I’m not much of a morning farm job kind of person. I like to not have to be awake before the sun. But to compensate, my morning days are my favorite for the work that needs doing. And it’s a little hard to complain about driving into the sunrise when it looks like this.

 photo IMG_0753_zpsrdqwclli.jpg
Once the sun was up, the sky didn’t stop being pretty. Fortunately for me, the morning was pretty cool and not too humid, so moving fences wasn’t unpleasant (actually, I would say it was really nice). Unfortunately for me, the vacuum pump for the milking machine wouldn’t work right and the guy who worked this morning asked me to help hand milk the herd of 37 animals.

The funny thing is, just a couple of days before, one of the other owners was enjoying the fact that the best producers are being milked right now. So not only were there lots of animal to milk, there were lots of animals with very large, very full udders. I was just glad that I didn’t have to do it all on my own. As it is, my hands were really tired by the time we were done.


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