Bonus: Goats Like Mounds, Rhythm Likes Goats

 photo JZ7A5664_zpsnyksrpdc.jpg
I haven’t done a lot of moving with the goats yet because I bought two panels of 50′ of net to try it and see how things went. I’ve built it off the semi-permanent fence I put up to train our new animals in, so they’ve moved around a little. They seem to like this pile of dirt. We’ve got a game camera out there, so hopefully in the next couple of days, we

 photo JZ7A5667_zps2fsckc1g.jpg
Nanny Ogg was the only other goat who was far enough away from the fence to be photographed when I was out there with the “big camera”. Not only that, but she was standing in a nice patch of sunlight. Someone give her a cookie!

 photo JZ7A5681_zpsjd2u47jc.jpg
Rhythm would love it if there weren’t a fence between her and the goats. That stick at her feet? She was tossing it around in her mouth like she was trying to tempt Whiskey to play with her. The goats didn’t seem to understand, but they were definitely interested in her too. The last time we let her in with them, though, she was too nervous to do anything other than shiver (so we put her back out).


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