Farm Picture

I’m too worn out to even have a good title, so enjoy the picture of Bear from Sunday and tell the world to stop sucking.



Goat Emergencies

Warning: discussion of injured animals

The past week has been really chaotic. I haven’t had a chance to look into a(nother!) new photo hosting service, so you’ll have to use your imagination this time (you should thank me).

Last week, Tony was out of town for a business meeting. The week was tough because it’s been so hot, but I’d been managing. Thursday, when I got home from work, I went to feed animals and realized the goats had knocked their house over onto the fence and gotten out. Again. I was frustrated, but not terribly concerned until they weren’t in the yard (the last time they got out, they stayed in the yard). I ended up driving the 4 wheeler out to try to find them…by the time I found them, it was almost dark.

While two of them were fine, one of them was injured. As far as I can tell, our dogs treated the goats as if they were invading deer and attacked them. They did quite a bit of damage to her rear. I am grateful to Dad (beyond what I can say) that he came and spent the night helping me patch her together so I could call the vet for her Friday morning.

He came right away when I called, which was a relief and worked to patch her up. He said we were lucky her rectum wasn’t punctured and that all the parts that were hanging out could be tucked and stitched back where they ought to be. He said that our biggest challenges were going to be the flies and infection. So far, we’ve gotten lucky with both. The house that Ursa Major is in (a wood slat shipping crate) is closed off from the other goats with a gate, so she can see the other two and interact with them, but not be pestered by them while she’s healing. That house seems to be pretty well protected from flies. Every time she comes out of the house for her shots, cleaning, and fly spray regimen, she runs back to the house to escape the flies. As for infection, so far, she’s looking pretty good. It sounds like we still have a couple of weeks until we know for sure, but she seems like a tough little goat.

That emergency has pushed back getting other things I need to do finished, so finding a new hosting site is not high on my list of priorities (argh! photobucket)

Image Issues

I just noticed that Photobucket is no longer willing to host 3rd party images…unless you pay them…$40/month! This week has been really overwhelming, but I plan to look into this next week. Sorry!

Yet Another Chick Update

Chicken picture

The hen who brooded the chicks this spring has lost 2/3 of her brood (we lost the black chick about a week ago…it looked like a snake tried to eat it, but gave up). I’m hoping this is just a first timer making mistakes and not that we have this much predator pressure now that the neighbors don’t have chickens. I suppose we’ll see. Anyway, The hen in this picture is not the mother, but it looks like the chick adopted her anyway. I’ve seen chicks (this clutch and Buffy’s brood) do this to their mother, but never to another chicken. But Buffy never let the rest of the flock get that close to her babies, which probably has a lot to do with it.

As a bonus for listening to more babbling about chickens, have a pig picture. It’s been really dry here, so when I dumped their water to clean and refill it, they were really excited and stuffed their noses into the mud. I haven’t seen a pig nose that dirty in quite a while. What I really want to know is how they can see where they’re going with those ears.