Days of Thanks: Being at Home (Week 4)

I am an introvert. Most people who read this know that. I love Thanksgiving. I like celebrating the things that I am thankful for and spending time with family I may or may not see much of during the year. This year was especially chaotic and I was really happy to get home after three full days of celebration. So, today, I’m thankful for the feeling of “home,” even as early as when we pull in the driveway.


Days of Thanks: Local Food (Bonus Edition)

With Tony busy this afternoon, I had a little time on my hands. Looking at the calendar, I realized that I kind of cheated on Days of Thanks this year: there are 5 weekends and 4 workweeks. By starting on a Friday, I was “required” to have one fewer gratitude than if I’d done a weekend (which seems to work better for me anyway). Since I have time today, why not do a “bonus,” right?

Today, I’m thankful for super-local food. The produce I grow and the produce I get from the farm where I work are always much better than the food we get at the grocery store. I’ve learned to like arugula in small quantities. The kale we grow is much better than the kale that comes from the store (kale pesto!). We learned to like turnips when my boss sent some home with me (we picked more than we needed for the wholesale buyer and she couldn’t use all the turnips that were left). The few beans I got off the plants I had were delicious (besides, purple beans? that’s just cool). And who knew that things like garlic and popcorn could have that much flavor?

I’m looking forward to next year’s goodness – having more space for growing and the things we get from the farms near us.

Days of Thanks: Chickens (Week 3)

As you may remember, in July, we got three chickens. I failed to update when we got our fourth. We’ve enjoyed eating fresh eggs (we’ve had to supplement from the store, but I’m hoping they’ll pick up in the spring) and we’ve enjoyed watching their antics.

Alan-a-Dale (named because his head made both of us think of the character in the animated Robin Hood movie – even though in the movie he looks more like an old English game bird than whatever breed we have) is especially funny when he finds food. He makes goofy noises and pokes around to call the hens (I’d link a video, but no one seems to have posted a to-the-point video on YouTube).

One thing that I thought was really interesting was the way the birds’ behavior changed after we got our frost. As it moved toward shorter days, the chickens seemed to be less excited about finding bugs (because there were fewer?). Once the frost/freeze hit, though, they really haven’t been finding anything in the yard. I’ve been having to feed them more and they spend more time hiding under the porch than out looking for things to eat in the yard (I reject the claim that they are foraging less because I’m feeding them more – they seem to prefer foraging to the feed).

Anyway, introductions are in order, since I’m not sure I ever shared their names. See if you can find the pattern (Alan is not part of the pattern). Far left is Rhône (Roan), next to Rhône is Beaujolais, and on the far right is Burgundy.

Days of Thanks: Times of Gratitude (Week 2)

I’ll be honest: I’ve missed my plan to be thankful every day and share weekly what I’m thankful for. I even missed my intended posting day this week. But sitting here thinking about what I want to share, I’ve gone over several things in my mind and I think that’s what I appreciate most about this exercise – the mulling over possible options for sharing. It’s not specifically the act of sharing. It’s contemplating all of the possibilities before finding something I want everyone to know about. It’s the considering things that are too personal to share with any random person who happens to find my blog. The stories that aren’t mine to share, but that I share in gratitude for. The things that are too personal to share, even with most of the people I know are reading this blog. The things that are so simple that it feels like cheating to write them (things I know I’m thankful for, but don’t really ever stop to consider how thankful I am).

It’s the contemplation of all the things that I have to be thankful for that makes me especially thankful.