The Guardian Remembers

I don’t remember if I wrote about it before, but when we had the last flock of chickens, Whiskey was quite alert to them and responded quickly if they sounded distressed. When the new flock started coming out of their house, they had the usual skirmishes and just like he had with the last flock, he ran down to see what the problem was. When he determined it wasn’t an external threat (fox or other predator), he left them to their little spats.

 photo 0F51F1AC-0E97-49EF-BF55-15FABCD72395_zpsy0fjxztu.jpg

The other thing that I’m glad he remembers is how to share. The lard that I made last year started molding (we kept it in the cabinet), so I took it to the chicken house as a supplement for when it gets colder. I’ve also been using it as a bribe to get the chicks out of their house. The dogs, of course, love the lard, but they haven’t bothered the chickens. I have to say that I’m really glad that the lessons from the last flock have carried over to this one.


First 2017 Snow

 photo CCD221B1-A491-4190-8A66-B7595137C5D5_zpsg2huqjh0.jpg
We got more than they were calling for (for once) and we were happy. Some of us were ecstatic.

Dairy Updates…Among Others

Sorry for the missed week. Our internet has been so bad it’s been basically impossible to do anything online. Sometimes, I say that as hyperbole. This time, I’m not. And there’s been a lot happening!
 photo 525A7C7B-2ACB-4449-8D05-E2D5B0437A61_zpswofqnfxk.jpg
First, work at the dairy is done for the season. Well, except for a herd work day (tomorrow), to which I’ve been invited. I’m looking forward to that. Anyway, when they told me the season was over, they said they’d like for me to come back next year. I’d really like to do that again, so I’m seeing what I need to do to make that work. I’m still really excited about that and they told me this past weekend, so I’ve had plenty of time to get used to the idea. The picture is actually from a “production walk” that the leasing farm gave for the vegetable side of things…not a part of the farm where I usually work, but still really pretty.
 photo D59B5E38-0BC0-4887-9965-C9F4CAA93039_zps5pif2mih.jpg
Second, we’ve made good progress on the parts of the yard we intended to seed this fall. The front is growing really well. This picture is pretty old – it’s probably about this big in the back now. It’s spotty (I’m apparently not that good at seeding evenly…shocking!), but it’ll hold the soil in place, so that’s good. The back is a couple of weeks behind because I was waiting for another rainfall and hoping to get another really good deal on hay. Missed out on the hay, but there was a week where it rained pretty much every day, so the seeds got a really good start, though some of them did wash away.
 photo 284A5780-ECA1-4635-B520-83F68EC03F4E_zps0ofeit0a.jpg

Third, as we’re closing in on the pigs leaving us to become bacon and ham and roast and…yum. Anyway, I know I’ve taken Whiskey into the pig pen more often than Rhythm, but I didn’t realize how much more until I had them both in with me while I was trying to adjust fences. While Whiskey thought the pigs were fun, big dog things, Rhythm thought they were scary. When they turned to look at Whiskey, he dashed away with his tail up, as if to say, “I dare you to come and get me!” While Rhythm tucked her tail and scuttled away as if she thought they were actually fast enough to catch her. The funny thing is, she’s usually the bolder of the two of them.
 photo B28CC4D7-61FA-4A8F-8AB1-975C9074ACE9_zpsluqmghkc.jpg

Birthday at Lake Anna

Last week, we took Dad to the lake for his birthday (we tried the week of, but we didn’t make a reservation and when we got there, they were all out of boats). We offered him jet skis or a pontoon boat and he said he wanted to get a pontoon boat and bring the dogs. I found one place that allows you to bring pets. The dogs had a really good time. It took Whiskey a little while to get warmed up to the idea, but he ended up having fun. We stopped at a little cove to see if Whiskey is able to swim (to minimize the suspense, yes, he can). The water was clear and really¬† warm, so it wasn’t too creepy to get in the water and call the dogs. They were really good about coming when we called them, even when they weren’t too sure if they wanted to. It was kind of fun that they would come then turn back to shore and bound around a little and come when we called again. It wasn’t too stressful for them and it was fun to watch. They weren’t too sure about getting back on the boat, but that was ok…it was pretty high off the ground/water. And they were flat out in the back of the car on the way home. Must’ve been a good day….