More Chicken Additions and Thanksgiving Chaos

A while back, we got a handful more chickens (since we made the coop bigger, we need more bodies to help keep it warm over the winter). I found a listing on Craigslist for some Americaunas and when the guy said he’d be at the chicken swap at Tractor Supply, we figured there wasn’t any harm in going to look. We picked up six while we were there. So far, I’m really unimpressed. They are really attractive birds, but they don’t seem to have much between their eyes. After quarantine (where they spent their entire day in the little house we built originally), we moved them to the coop with the rest of the birds, who picked on them, as chickens do. But even once we were letting them out, it took several days for them to venture out of the coop. Now that they go out, there seems to be at least one that has trouble going back in. I’m really tired of crawling under the shed/coop to get the hen(s) that think that’s a better place to sleep than inside.
Thanksgiving was chaotic, as usual. Jean was here for a few days, which was great. We had Droppa Thanksgiving on Saturday. We took the dogs and they did really well considering their ages. Cortez Thanksgiving was on Sunday and we left the dogs at home so they could recover from the excitement.
November/December pictures


Visiting Jean in Panama City

When 1) your sister lives across the country, 2) you don’t fly, and 3) she happens to be someplace a little closer for a little while, you go visit her if you’ve got any chance at all. Not only did I take the chance, I got Dad to go with me!
We left Friday morning and the trip was long, but not too bad until we got to Atlanta. I have to say that I’ve never been through Atlanta at a good time of day (is there such a thing?), but this time was especially bad. We were traveling slowly, but steadily through Atlanta when all of a sudden, several police cars went screaming by on the shoulder. We wondered about it, of course, but they got off and we figured that was the last of them. No. As it turned out, there was a police officer shot just off the interstate (at the time, we didn’t know what was going on; we were sitting there wondering as cops came and went). Then, they tore down the ramp and closed the interstate. It was really frustrating to be three cars from having made it through the block, but when we were released, it was kind of nice to be at the front of the pack. After Atlanta, we didn’t have any trouble. We had a late dinner with Jean (thanks for waiting for us!) when we got to Florida, but that’s pretty much all we did Friday.
Saturday, we got up and went to breakfast (the hotel had lousy breakfast, so we ate out). After breakfast, we decided we wanted to take a pontoon boat out on the bays. The weather was amazing – the sun was out, it wasn’t too hot, the wind was low, and the waves were pretty non-existent…. We watched a tug push around a container ship that had just come into the bay. That was pretty awesome. We saw some dolphins as we were heading back with the boat, which was cool too. It was one of those days you want to capture in a bottle to savor again later. We spent the whole afternoon on the water and then went to dinner.

Unfortunately, Dad had to be back at work on Monday, so we left Sunday after breakfast. We were disappointed we couldn’t stay longer, but we had a really good time. It was nice to get to see Jean and it was nice to be the one to make the effort to visit for a change.

September/October 2015 album


Jean and Mom brought Alexus and Andrew to visit Virginia and I got to keep them all for most of the two weeks they were here! They were here for the good times (that’s a marshmallow on a stick, in case that’s not clear).
And the work.
Unfortunately, they weren’t here for the produce. Plants started really producing about a week after they left. Too bad they didn’t time their visit better! They were here for these treasures though.

Missing Pictures

Alexus seemed to have a lot of fun at the beach. She played in the water with Jean for quite a while before she wanted to play on the sand for a little bit. She eventually got bored with the sand (especially since we wouldn’t let her play with other people’s sand toys) and I took her back out to the water. We played for a little while before she got tired of that and wanted to go lay on the towels.

Dad and Jean got Alexus a flotation device after we went to the ocean. They tried to put it on her while we were at the lake, but this is about as far as they got before she demanded they take it back off. That didn’t stop her from having fun in the water though – she always had someone willing to take her back out.

Also, when we went up to see Mom’s family, Uncle Ted got a kitten out for Alexus to play with.

Finally, a reminder that the rest of the pictures I posted are here.