Image Issues

I just noticed that Photobucket is no longer willing to host 3rd party images…unless you pay them…$40/month! This week has been really overwhelming, but I plan to look into this next week. Sorry!


Finishing October

Things got really busy (again) at the end of October. First, was a wedding. Then, a scurry to get things clean ready for the chicks. And a rush to collect materials from a house that was scheduled to be torn down. And a hurry to plant things while the weather is so unseasonably mild. And I thought this was supposed to be the off season….

 photo 75B30270-6B01-415A-BF99-D7F5EAF10D10_zpsygoigwtd.jpg
The wedding was in Georgia, so it was a long drive, but we made it a two-day trip on the way down. Tony let me pick the route, so we meandered down to the Blue Ridge Parkway, took that most of the way to Asheville, then dropped down into Georgia. The first day’s drive was amazing and I really enjoyed all the turns. We stopped to check out the viaduct and the walk was nice (both because of the chance to get out of the car and because it was  really pretty up in the mountains). The second day’s drive was just to get to our destination.

 photo 5037A26C-7104-401C-9C9A-5DB3B2CA7D78_zpsi706yesd.jpg
Because it was an evening wedding, we had the morning to explore. I’d done some research on things to do near Macon and we decided to check out the Ocmulgee National Monument. It’s nice that it’s so close to where we were staying (so we didn’t have to spend all of our time driving), but far enough from the center of the city that you could imagine yourself to be a little more away from it all. Unfortunately, Georgia is in a pretty severe drought right now. It’s so dry down there that a supposed wetland was entirely dried up. The creek that feeds into the river was completely dry and the river was much lower than it looked like it should have been. It’s been dry here, but not that dry!

 photo 041821FE-953C-41A5-90DD-A886262C260B_zpsl6y9yiye.jpg
I intended to spend the week after the wedding getting ready for chicks to arrive (after the chickens were sick, I needed to thoroughly clean the house…there’s a post about it). Then Dad told me he was working on demolishing a house that had some good windows in it and asked if I was interested in having them. He initially mentioned it in reference to cold frames, but these windows are pretty nice vinyl things, so I think they’ll probably go in the barn when we build it. When I got up there, Dad asked if I was interested in the rocks too (they had a rock wall with little rock planting areas) and I said I’d be happy to take them. Then, Tony noticed the wood floors in the pictures I sent him and said he’d be interested in pulling those out too. The owners were hoping to get some of the better materials out of the house before tearing it down, but I guess Habitat didn’t want to go to the effort for some of this stuff. Anyway, we spent last week, last weekend, and this week working on getting some of the materials out while we can. We think we got enough of the floors out for the office Tony wants. And it looks like there are enough windows to do a couple of projects at least. And I think I’ve gotten two and a half truck loads of rock so far. And one load of cinder block (from the chimney). So somehow, we got some really good stuff just for the going and getting it.

The rest of the August-October pictures are here, if you’re interested (there are some I didn’t write about).

Photo Hosting

For anyone who’s looking for a solution to the image hosting problem, I’m trying Photobucket. I’m not moving current images, so I can start with an empty host. It also looks like they’re giving away an extra 8GB if you sign in with your phone (which honestly might be convenient for me, since I usually want to post pictures from my phone).

Summer Puppies & Full Circle Birthdays

First off, today is Alexus’s birthday. Happy birthday!

About a month ago, I ordered one of those plastic wading pools for the dogs. All summer we’d get back from walking in the woods and they’d be all muddy from romping after crashing through the creek. They’re not really all that fond of being hosed off and I thought it might be a little less stressful to be rinsed in a pool instead. I finally picked it up now that it’s cool. And the dogs are pouting that they missed their chance. While it’s true that the weather has cooled off, I filled the pool to see what they would think of it. Whiskey thought it was awesome to grab the hose and run off with it and Rhythm thought the giant water bowl was pretty weird.In other news, Whiskey started his second puppy class. We have a different teacher, but the person who taught the first class is helping with this one. The woman who teaches the second level is the same one who taught Rhythm’s class. She’s really intense and, while I feel like we might learn more from her (I think she’s been in the training/dog behavior thing longer), she’s a lot more intimidating. I feel like the first class was more about having fun and this class is more about accomplishing things. We will accomplish things! I think.

Finally, earlier this week, I went to see the Josh Turner concert…with Dad. Since my first Josh Turner concert (also around my birthday) was with Mom, Dad, and Jean, it felt right that Dad went with me this time (Mom and Jean are kind of far away). It was at the Paramount, which I think is a great venue. The show was overproduced for such a small space, but Dad and I both had a really good time. Banjos! Steel guitars! What’s not to like? Of course, we all wanted to hear “Long Black Train.” And, of course, that was the second to last song he played. I was concerned for a little while that it might not be part of his set since it’s been such a long time since that song came out and it was never a number one. Then I heard a couple of people yelling for it and I realized that a song that propelled him as far as it did couldn’t be skipped. That made it a lot easier to sit back and enjoy the rest of the music.

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