Weekend Cleaning

Saturday, I went to Nana’s house for a “work day” organized by Aunt Darleen. I was going to take Tony’s camera, but I completely forgot. Aunt Denise had her camera, though, so these pictures are hers.

We worked on a bunch of projects, enjoyed eating lunch together, and then worked on projects until people decided to leave in a trickle. Mostly, the pictures included are only of finished projects.

I think Aunt Denise managed to catch me in one of my lazy moments. Just goofing off…. I think the real story, though, is that Aunt Cookie and I were waiting for Marlena to bring the wheelbarrow back. We had a system of filling up the wheelbarrows while Marlena dumped them not too far away. It seemed to work well.

This is the project we were working on that I kind of referred to in the previous paragraph. These ties were all in a pile with a bunch of leaves and old hay between them. Marlena, Aunt Cookie, and I managed to get it cleaned up and organized them so that Nana can get a new load of hay for her donkeys whenever she’s ready. It was good that we were all there because, even though the ties weren’t that heavy, it would have been quite a project for just one person.

Dad and a couple of other people, including Aunt Denise and Aunt Darleen, put up a basketball net in Nana’s front yard, out near her tire swings. He helped out with a bunch of different things (the basketball net, of course; the emu pen doors; the hay bale holder thing I talked about earlier), but managed to get something done everywhere he went. Dad doesn’t usually let people take his picture, but he was even willing to let me put it here, so I jumped at the chance and here it is.

Finally, I have to mention our supervisor. He was very good at staying out of the way, but he certainly wasn’t a help to us.


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