Mother’s Day Kittens

Yesterday, Tony’s parents were here for Mother’s Day. We had a nice afternoon with them. While they were here, Tony was showing his dad some stuff under the deck and called up that the cat we see around a lot had kittens behind his propane tank. They look like they are about a month old, so we’re leaving them alone as the mother is pretty skittish. Tony figures we’ll have to find them homes, so here’s your information: the mother is part Siamese and two of the babies have her coloring. The third baby is all black. They’re very cute (of course). Someone wants them when they are old enough to be separated from the mother, right? :)


Another Step

For those of you who happen to read my blog who didn’t get the e-mail I sent, first off, please let me know who you are if I needed to inform you. I think I got everyone, but I’m willing to believe I missed someone. Second off, this is your version of the announcement: Tony and I are planning to be married on October 3. Not sure I want to put all the details and everything out there for random people to find, but like I said, if I didn’t tell you and you feel slighted, please forgive me and send me an e-mail.

University Student

After all of the hassle of applying to the University of Virginia, I was accepted (as long as I keep doing what I’ve been doing). That was good news, though I wasn’t terribly worried. Turns out, all of the people I knew at Piedmont who were transferring were accepted. Even one who wasn’t applying under the guaranteed admission. Transferring from Piedmont wasn’t easy, but it certainly was cheaper than going straight through UVa (like they would have accepted me out of high school…).

Final Semester, Final Exams, and Final Grades

Yet another semester is coming to a close. It is the last of four long, relatively enjoyable semesters at Piedmont. Sure, there were the classes I didn’t enjoy and teachers I would have been happier not to have, but overall, the experience has been fun. I’ve met some people I’d consider friends and that’s been just as valuable to me than the learning experience, I think.

I’ve already taken the majority of my final exams. They’ve gone pretty well. My first final was my biology lab final and that was tough, but I did pretty well, I think. My overall grade for lab was pretty high, so I’m guessing I didn’t screw up too much. My second was my dance final, which was really frustrating. I knew the movements, but I couldn’t make my body do them. I think Cat would have probably said I was thinking too much. I’m not too displeased because I also came out with a decent score in that class overall. I know I learned a lot in that class and that’s an exciting thought. French is not my favorite subject and I’m not sure how well I did. At some point, I stopped caring much about how well I did in that class as long as I could get by. I’m pretty sure I’ll get the score I’m aiming for, so I won’t be too disappointed. My logic test went well, I think, but I’ve never been good at guessing how well I’ve done. The tests for that class have actually been really frustrating. I think I’ve done well and when I get the graded paper back, I’m really disappointed. I don’t know how that test came out yet. Today was my statistics final. It was actually kind of fun. I really enjoyed the class, so getting to do the tests again wasn’t so much of a chore as an opportunity. My last final is on Monday: biology lecture. It’s going to be tough, I think, but I’m studying with some friends tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.